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What audiences and clients are saying about our work.

We are so impressed with the final product that allows us to communicate the passion and vision of our organization in a new way, one that is accessible to a broad range of viewers. The level of commitment, professionalism and organization was outstanding and we would absolutely partner with Kublacom Pictures and Treepot Media again. They were thoughtful throughout the process and generous with their time and expertise, and we are very grateful!

Jess Tomlin, Executive Director

Match International Women's Fund

I want to congratulate you on your wonderful documentary Partners for Peace. It was the one film among all those we screened for One World that leapt out and had everyone agreeing it must be included.... I wish you every success. Bravo!

Gerry Schmitz, Juror, One World Film Festival

What a great achievement. A very powerful film.... it is riveting and a real roller-coaster of a journey. Jaclyn is engaging and the narrative of her personal experience is very powerful.

David Stambrook

What a success! Congratulations on such a beautiful film. I laughed, cried and felt outrage. Nimrod you are a treasure, Ottawa hit pay dirt by gaining you! Ed and Jane what a powerful did such a great job.

Lucy van Oldenbarneveld, CBC Television

Blue Roses

Finally looked at your film. Wonderful! You should be congratulated. Very strong story line, clean shooting, nuanced and multifaceted - it's all there. Makes me want to eat/break bread.                                            Paul Cowan, Director

I shared with my team how refreshing it was to watch your show....a seemingly simple story that unfolded with such grace and was such a joy to watch. I miss working on projects that connect with our human emotions.

Jennifer Delaney, Producer

Thank you so much for your great filming, insight, creativity and your flexibility and spirit that make it so easy and wonderful to work with you! I know it's not easy with such a big team and event yet you make it look easy and produce great work! We look forward to continuing to work with you.

Liz Bernstein, Executive Director, Nobel Women's Initiative

This film will tear at your soul. It will inspire you. It is sad but full of hope.

Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

This is My Witness is powerful and should be proud, you have made us proud. Thank you for sticking to timelines and budgets, while using your talent to creatively tell a story we only had a vague notion of.

Liz Bernstein, Executive Director, Nobel Women's Initiative

I really enjoyed working with Kublacom Pictures. Under a tight budget and deadline, they produced an emotive visual message with sensitivity and purpose.

Denis Boivin, Communications Manager,

Children's Aid Society of Ottawa

The show was excellent. I shall never see another butterfly again without realizing how little I initially knew about them as a species. A gold star performance.

Carol MacKinnon, Program Manager, Discovery Channel

Wow. I had to take a few minutes to compose myself after watching that. . . .  It's a powerful piece. Congratulations.

Blair Crawford, Reporter, Ottawa Citizen

I attended the premiere of Blue Roses and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for this wonderful work. . . . . please know how much I value what you (and your colleagues) have achieved with this project.

David Kenneth Wright, Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Ottawa

We want you to know that the whole team-- think the video ROCKS and we’ve been getting fabulous feedback all weekend! Thank you again for your hard work, and being willing at the last-minute to step in and make it happen.

Rachel Vincent, Communications Director, Nobel Women's Initiative