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One of the Last

From the Ukraine in the early 1900s to present-day Ottawa, One of the Last tells the story of a remarkable family who across four generations and through an enduring dedication to their bakery business, have made a lasting impact on an entire community. In this intimate portrayal we meet the people at the heart of the Rideau Bakery and witness them grappling with what the future will bring.

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CBC Ottawa "In Town and Out" - Interview with filmmakers Jane Gurr and Ed Kucerak

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"One of the Last" is the best and most poignant film I have seen about the issue of a family-run business.

Tony Wohfarth, Film Reviewer

Finally looked at your film. Wonderful! You should be congratulated. Very strong story line, clean shooting, nuanced and multifaceted - it's all there. Makes me want to eat/break bread.

                                                                                                         Paul Cowan, Film Director

I shared with my team how refreshing it was to watch your show....a seemingly simple story that unfolded with such grace and was such a joy to watch. I miss working on projects that connect with our human emotions.     

                                                                                                             Jennifer Delaney, Producer