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One of the Last

"One of the Last" is the best and most poignant film I have seen about the issue of a family-run business.

Tony Wohfarth, Film Reviewer

Finally looked at your film. Wonderful! You should be congratulated. Very strong story line, clean shooting, nuanced and multifaceted - it's all there. Makes me want to eat/break bread.                                                                                                        Paul Cowan, Film Director

It was the documentary feature One of the Last, which really drove home the sentiment of the evening. Watching this film about the  Rideau Street Bakery  I felt proud to be living in Ottawa; proud to know the city is about more than what its name has come to mean in synecdoche. There’s a rich community we’re all invested in, all eager to participate in building collectively.

Michaella Francom,

I shared with my team how refreshing it was to watch your show....a seemingly simple story that unfolded with such grace and was such a joy to watch. I miss working on projects that connect with our human emotion. Jennifer Delaney, Producer

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- World Premiere: Toronto Jewish Film Festival, May 10, 2007

- Ottawa Premiere: National Library and Archives, June 5, 2007

- Television Premiere: Omni Television, June 17, 2007

- Jewish Eye World Film Festival, Ashkelon, Israel, November 14, 2007

- New York Jewish Film Festival, January 14, 2008

- Treepot Film Festival, Ottawa, July 20, 2013

- Ottawa 2017 - Canada 150 Celebrations, One World Arts, May 20, 2017



From the Ukraine in the early 1900s to present-day Ottawa, One of the Last tells the story of a remarkable family who across four generations and through an enduring dedication to their bakery business, have made a lasting impact on an entire community. In this intimate portrayal we meet the people at the heart of the Rideau Bakery and witness them grappling with what the future will bring.

Documentary Film


Kublacom Pictures presents                                                  a film by Jane Gurr & Ed Kucerak


     Ed Kucerak


     Jane Gurr


     Jane Gurr & Ed Kucerak      


     Kent Newson

Director of Photography

     Barry Lank

Original Music

     Andrew Huggett

Song: One of the Last

     Words and Music:  Andrew Huggett

     Dan Sidoli (Vocals)

     Todd Cameron (Guitar)


     Alexander Dunai (Ukraine)

     Jane Gurr

     Sabrina Mathews

Second Unit Director/Photography

     Andrei Zubok (Ukraine)

Additional Photography

     Vincent Chenier & Kent Newson

Location Sound

     Jerry Turchyn

Sound Editor

     Andrew Huggett

Assistant Sound Editor

     Carl Bergstrom

Language Adaptation

     Claire Cohen (Hebrew)

     Yankl Botwinik (Yiddish)

     Andrey Tytchino (Russian/Ukrainian)