Storytelling with a purpose


Kublacom's films and videos shine light on extraordinary people and their compelling stories. We do the hard work of gaining access to these stories so they may be shared with audiences around the world, intimate, meaningful stories exploring issues of human rights, sexual violence, equality rights, conflict, peacemaking and new realms of science.

We hope that viewers will respond to our films with new knowledge, insights and inspiration, to make positive change

in the world. Our camera crews have filmed across Canada and internationally, including Australia, Bangladesh, Burma, Israel, Palestine, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine and the United States.

A delegation of women  travel to Israel and Palestine  to learn about the decades-long conflict, and reach out in solidarity with  women activists who are forging a path toward peace. (More)

For a young man from Burma, leaving the past behind isn't as easy as it may seem, as he struggles to overcome loss and help his community. (More)

A moment in time in the life of Ottawa’sRideau Bakery lunch counter. Opened in 1965, its simple offerings of kosher soups and sandwiches fuelled the bodies and souls of customers for decades, building community along the way, but now forever gone.


Two courageous women share their stories with the world of brutality at the hands of the military in Burma and are forever changed. (More)

The discovery of a reclusive artist's long lost paintings and thirty years of rumours about her controversial life leads a relative to  travel to Lebanon to discover her fate. (More)

An exploration of new realms of butterfly biology and ecology, the cultural fascination with butterflies and their hold on our imagination


A passionate call to the world, to join the International Campaign to Stop Rape & Gender Violence in Conflict. (More)

A ground-breaking collection of stories by Inuit men about their fathers, their struggles with parenting, and a call to Inuit youth to step up and be the best fathers they can be. (More)

An introduction to MATCH, grant-making for women's rights in the global south. (More)

An inspiring story about inner city rooming houses and the challenge of providing palliative (end of Life) care to this invisible community. (More)

A health researcher along with  Inuit Interpreters work to improve health care for Inuit patients who have to travel from their communities to Ottawa for medical treatment. (More)

A church's struggle to keep its doors open despite a dwindling congregation raises the question whether churches are still a necessary part of our communities. (More)