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Lunch at the Rideau


Lunch at the Rideau captures a moment in time in the life of Ottawa’s beloved Rideau Bakery lunch counter. Opened in 1965, its simple offerings of kosher soups and sandwiches fuelled the bodies and souls of customers for decades, building community along the way, but now forever gone.

I think lunch counters are kind of disappearing with the advent of coffeehouses, and I think that's sad. But I really think that you lose something from a social point of view, a contact.” David Kardish

“... coming here for me and sitting in the Rideau Bakery and eating the salmon sandwich and chatting with Gloria and being around the people from the community, I'm kind of seeking that connection in a strange kind of way, or not so strange with my mom.” Brenda Firestone

Film Review

“The personal accounts of the regular customers added a deeply emotional layer to the film, making me feel like I want to be a part of that camaraderie and conversation.”

Siddhi Shukal, film613 review of Lunch at the Rideau

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      The Firestone family

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