Storytelling with a purpose

Our Services

The Power of Storytelling

When you need to spread the word and generate engagement, nothing compares to the power of digital storytelling. Stories have the power to captivate and inform your audience and to move them to action.

We create content for entertainment, education, and communications. When told well, compelling stories create an emotional experience - people remember what they feel.

We are a small team without costly overhead, and we are equipped with top quality digital technologies. We produce excellence for an affordable price. We are personally responsible for all the production phases of your project from the initial meeting to the final screening.

Personal attention and accountability ensure that you receive the best possible production value for your budget.


Kublacom has a long tradition of producing independent documentaries for broadcast, festivals, community screenings and web distribution. Our films have been shown on television, on the web, and in festivals around the world.

We also draw on this experience to produce feature-length and short documentary-style video communications tools for businesses, non-profits and organizations with compelling stories and messages to share.

Client Videos

We create video productions with rich stories about your cause or brand weaving  together compelling testimony, images and music to create an experience for viewers.  

Capturing stories and personal experiences from your organization's clients  and employees, our digital storytelling techniques can shift audience perceptions, build credibility, and drive social and cultural change

Writing & Creative Services

The Kublacom team has extensive experience providing writing and editing services for clients. We have produced written materials for television and video productions, news releases, pamphlets, newsletters, research reports, and many winning project proposals.

We also produce print educational tools to accompany client videos. These include facilitator's guides, training design and teaching tools.

Consulting & Story Editing

We provide professional story-editing services and script consultations to ensure that you achieve the story that you want to tell and that your project will captivate and inform your audience and to move them to action.

As well we provide communications consulting, project coordination and management services for our clients.